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London Trip 2017

Voilà quelques images ainsi qu’une vidéo du voyage à Londres des 5èmes, enjoy!

EPI – Addiction

Voici le résultat du travail des élèves de 3ème dans l’EPI – Addiction.


US Presidents

Donald Trump August 19 2015 cropped

 On Tuesday, November 8th 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America. He will become the 45th President of the USA on January 20th 2017 (= the day of his inauguration).

President Barack Obama

Until then, the President of the USA is still Barack Obama (44th President). 

He has been president since 2009.

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London trip June 2016

London trip – June 2016


Du 13 au 16 juin les élèves de 2 classes de 5ème se sont rendu à Londres.

Malgré un temps incertain, ils ont pu profiter pleinement des différentes activités. Accompagnés de leurs professeurs Mme Devaux, M. Marchand, Mme Cezard et Mme Latchere, les élèves ont pu visiter la capitale, découvrir la Tour de Londres, parcourir les studios Warner Bros (décors et secrets des films Harry Potter) et enfin se rendre au museum d’histoire naturelle.

Une belle expérience cette année encore à la fois pour les élèves et les professeurs.

Enjoy the video and…

See you next year!

Mme Devaux 



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In the news – Wednesday, November 4th

 Kansas City Royals 3489437b

On Sunday Nov 1st, the final of the baseball World Cup Series took place in New York City. Kansas City won against New York. The score was 7-2 (seven to two) and NY fans were very disappointed. Kansas City hadn’t won the competition since 1935 but 80 years later, they are back at the top 🙂 !





In the news – Wednesday, October 7th


The 2015 rugby world cup is taking place in England.

Unfortunately, England won’t play the final because the players lost against both Wales and Australia.
The score was 25 for England and 28 for Wales. And Australia won 33 to 13!
So they are out of the competition 🙁
English people are sad and disappointed.

In the news – Wednesday, September 30th

What is « In the news »? 😮
Well, this year, Year 9 pupils will write about the news every week. You can read the first article today 🙂

The lunar eclipse

On Sun 26th or Mon 27th, there was a lunar eclipse. The moon was 14% bigger and 30% brighter and it became red!

An eclipse occurs when the sun, the Earth and the moon are in a line. On Monday, the Earth was between the moon and the sun.

The next moon eclipse will happen in 2033.

Water on Mars!

NASA proved there is water on Mars. This water can freeze and unfreeze at different seasons. The water probably comes from under the planet. Mars is the only planet (except Earth) where we could live.


If you want to learn more about the lunar eclipse, you can click here.
And if you’re interested in NASA discovery, click here.

That’s all for today, see you next week 😉

Subject Pronouns



♪♫♪ Here is a link to the Youtube video of the Subject pronouns song 😉


You can now practise to sing it faster and faster! ♪♫♪



Practise your English – Pronunciation

Having trouble with pronunciation?Thinking Tongue Twister1

If you want to hear a word, you can look it up on this website:

Even better, the MacMillan dictionary will provide you with the transcription of the word in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), audio and definitions.

You can also check how to pronounce names here.

The Vampire song


a young boy wearing a vampire costume for halloween 0515-1008-2022-5401 SMU
Here is a link to Sylvain’s Kustyan website.
You can listen to the Vampire song and sing along 😉

halloween-bat-moon-clipart halloween-pumpkin-clip-art-1  

Enjoy the holidays and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Practise your English


     Put some colour in your life! Click here for a few exercises.

     You can also try this exercise to check how well you know your

     aLpHaBeT in English 😉

Practise your English – Numbers


6e pupils studied numbers. You’ll find exercises to improve your understanding and writing. It won’t hurt older pupils to revise them too 😉

Check you understand numbers here.
Make sure you know how to spell them here.